Photoshooting for the papercube Version 3

Justine and Lars are studying Media, Management and Journalism at the Jade Hochschule. Now they took pictures of the latest papercube version. Here is one of the results: Our photo of the day.
This is papercube V3. The big construction in the middle is the laser enclosure. On the left side is the paper feed. On the right side is the lift for the paper, followed by the folding mechanism.

Photo: Justine Prüne and Lars Riedel


The papercube-Team has won the Jade Teaching Award!

The papercube-Team has won the Jade Teaching Award!

First Jade Teaching Award
University honors Andreas Baumgart

Wilhelmshaven. Learning Java is often a challenge for the students of the Management, Information, Technology department. The project ‪#‎Papercube‬, launched by Andreas Baumgart, intended to overcome this challenge.
At yesterday’s presentation of the First Jade Teaching Award, Baumgart – Teacher for Special Tasks in the MIT department – was honored for his efforts. “This prize is not meant to just recognize his excellent way of teaching”, said Vice President Prof. Dr. Andrea Czepek at the award ceremony, “it is also about appreciating the special commitment with this innovative project.” During the ceremony, the award winner explained everything about Papercube (Jade Welt reported). Within three modules in the program computer science and management, paper cubes are to be accurately cut, grooved, glued and folded using the ‪#‎Lego‬® ‪#‎Mindstorms‬® ‪#‎Education‬ ‪#‎Technology‬. The entire project was developed in Java with the goal to impart the theoretical content in an exciting and creative way.
The project was started by students for students. Since March 2015, Andreas Baumgart and students of the program computer ‪#‎science‬ and management have worked with Papercube to continuously refine and improve it. The software technology is something to be proud of, says Baumgart, and thus the lecture content is supposed to be easier to handle.
Papercube was already presented last year at the IdeenExpo in Hanover and at the ‪#‎World‬ ‪#‎Robot‬ ‪#‎Olympiad‬ in ‪#‎Qatar‬. Jade University will now award the Jade Teaching Award yearly for innovative teaching methods.
Prior to the award ceremony, a selection of other didactic projects was presented. About one hundred didactic projects have been supported with the “Förderfonds für Didaktische Projekte” (Fund for Educational Projects) by Jade Hochschule since 2011 for a total of 800,000 Euros.



We have finalised the pen unit for the students.

LEGO Mindstorms Education-based process for manufacturing paper cubes

We have finalised the pen unit for the students. To introduce it to them, we made a video. The students will be able to preview there programed instructions in the simulator and afterwards print them using the pen unit. Our laser unit is controlled by the same simulator, furthermore it shows live feedback on the printing progress.

The very first automated laser run


We finally automated the laser cutting by using a digital to analog converter (DAC), connected via ‪#‎I2C‬ to one of the sensor ports of an ‪#‎LEGOMindstormsEV3‬. We created a custom board featuring a ‪#‎Adafruit‬ ‪#‎MCP4725‬ DAC.

After some tests to verify everything was working correctly we hooked it up to the laser to do the very first automated laser run. We are very proud that everything is controlled by only one EV3 Brick programmed in Java using the LeJOS firmware.

papercube Team-Member: Fabrice Weinberg Jens Sterk