We have received the Laser Protection Windows.

We have received the Laser Protection Windows.

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We have finalised the pen unit for the students.

LEGO Mindstorms Education-based process for manufacturing paper cubes

We have finalised the pen unit for the students. To introduce it to them, we made a video. The students will be able to preview there programed instructions in the simulator and afterwards print them using the pen unit. Our laser unit is controlled by the same simulator, furthermore it shows live feedback on the printing progress.

The very first automated laser run


We finally automated the laser cutting by using a digital to analog converter (DAC), connected via ‪#‎I2C‬ to one of the sensor ports of an ‪#‎LEGOMindstormsEV3‬. We created a custom board featuring a ‪#‎Adafruit‬ ‪#‎MCP4725‬ DAC.

After some tests to verify everything was working correctly we hooked it up to the laser to do the very first automated laser run. We are very proud that everything is controlled by only one EV3 Brick programmed in Java using the LeJOS firmware.

papercube Team-Member: Fabrice Weinberg Jens Sterk



papercube – prepairing for students lesson and testing the precision of cutting module

Jens and Fabrice are members of the papercube project team. In the last days they have been working on our „Module 1“ (The CuttingModule . The carriage with the pencil is used for training purposes in the Java lecture . Later, it is replaced by a laser module . Then it’s possible to cut the paper . The film can be seen exactly how the unit works . We are always impressed how accurate can be constructed with LEGO.


Pictures from our new Gluing-Module

Today the paper cube team has worked again: A part is currently working on the revision of the cutting module . The other team members revise the gluing module. The entire unit is now mounted on a carriage, to apply the adhesive on each point of the paper can.
The special feature of the unit is the contactless gluing. The adhesive is applied by means of pneumatic onto the paper. Therefore we use a small 3-way valve. More on this later 🙂